The college research, financial aid and career prep processes can be very complicated. There are many questions to answer along the way. Will you have the answer before the question is asked?

  • Everyone focuses on your major but are the general education courses more important?

  • Can you afford to attend your dream college for all 4 years? How will you pay for it, or better, who else will help me pay for it?

  • Will I need to borrow more than I can afford once I graduate?

  • Will you graduate in 4 years?

  • What if I change my major? Does my college have other options that fit my skill set? If not, will my credits transfer?

  • Will I learn the skills I need to my future career?

All great questions that you may run into. Will you have the answers BEFORE you decide on your path?


Georgia Higher Education

Sanford Stadium on a quiet day

Sanford Stadium on a quiet day


The Georgia HOPE and Zell Miller programs provide scholarship and grant opportunities for Georgia's college students.

College Destinations

Williams College

Williams College

My clients have accepted and are/will attend the following colleges and universities that they felt were "worth it".

Letter to Parents

College Tour at Williams College

College Tour at Williams College

I’ve been through this process with my 4 children. I’ve learned something new with each one that could have saved me time and money.


Mr. Anderson's work is beyond thorough and organized. I don't believe there is any other business this comprehensive and understanding of the needs of both the student and the parent in the college process. Two months ago I was dreading the college process and felt vulnerable, but after 2 meetings with Mr. Anderson I felt so excited for the rest of this process and energized to work hard and do what is needed to make getting into college and into the the work force smooth and rewarding.

Gillian Barnes