Steve M.

We met with Jim Anderson to discuss our options for our granddaughter's college education. At first, I was concerned about paying someone to help when she already had a guidance counselor at school. During the first meeting with Jim, it became abundantly clear, he was well worth his fee.
Mr. Anderson is incredibly knowledgeable as well as being detail oriented. His practical approach of evaluating the needs of the student and the best options gave us more information than we thought possible.
We came to him in the middle of our granddaughter's senior year and with the information provided, we will be able to save thousands over the course of a four year college education.
Understanding how he works, the sooner one engages Jim Anderson's services, the more comprehensive plan he will be able to assist you in developing. For those long term planners, the ideal time to start, is with your 8th grader. His questions will stimulate a great deal of thought in regards to future goals coupled with the students' abilities and dreams.
Reach out to him to learn more of how he can help.

from August 2018

Fred & Bernadette

Jim provided us with invaluable college advice; customized and tailored information to our daughters chosen college and degree track; and helped walk us through the pitfalls of searching for scholarships and money for college. Wish we had found Jim earlier, we needed to start this process a couple of years ago, if not sooner (apparently, he can help as early as kindergarten). Thanks Jim for all your help - you are amazing!! ... If you have children headed to college, make your 529 or college savings go further and let Jim help you Make College Worth It!! - Fred and Bernadette (and daughter, Clara).

from June 2018

Linda G.

How do you spell H E R O, well that's very easy: Jim Anderson!!! Jim has become a HUGE mentor of mine over the years for his tremendous knowledge about college selection, applications, financial aid, scholarships and more. He is a true advocate for his customers and to do what is right at all times; a man with a great sense of humor even during turbulent times, a true friend and incredible man of integrity not only in his business but with obvious love for his family. I am grateful for everything that Jim has done for us and I highly recommend him.

from March 2018

Lori and Andrew Dimond - Parents

We just started working with Jim Anderson. it is so nice to have someone who researches this full time. We have gained useful information already, and we haven't even received his research results based on ours and our teen's questionnaires. We are eagerly awaiting our appointment to see what colleges he has found.

from, May 2017

Gerald and Teresa Jeffris - Parents

We found Jim Anderson to be a knowledgeable and experienced college search counselor who helped take much of the anxiety out of performing an extensive college search. Jim was attentive to our student's plans and concerns, and helped us sort through hundreds of college choices to identify the college that was right for our student. We are very happy we found him and recommend his services if you are looking to make informed decisions regarding your student's future!

May 3, 2016 - Gerald and Teresa are current clients from Brazil.

Tristam Brown

CEO LSA Global: Consulting & Training Firm that helps high growth companies align their culture and talent with strategy

Jim did a great job helping our 8th grader and high school sophomore identify college options that made sense for our entire family. We were pretty clueless about the process and Jim had all of us fill out informative questionnaires to understand our unique set of needs from everyone's perspective - location, size, cost, emphasis, etc. He then provided a targeted range of 10 college options including detailed financial information with potential scholarships that we would never have been able to find on our own. If your kids plan on attending college - Jim is a goldmine!

April 2, 2015, Tristam is Jim's client

Scott Wellington

President at Wellington Executive Search, Inc.

Met Jim through the Blessed Trinity High School community. We have a daughter who is starting the college application process and felt we could use a little help. Jim has a few children who he has put through college or is attending now. Jim listened to our needs and provided our daughter with a solid plan for college - which schools fit best with our needs and desires, plus advice on scholarships, financial planning, campus tours, and many other areas. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend his services if you have a son or daughter in high school and want to maximize your efforts in this are.

May 2, 2012, Scott was Jim's client