Juniors - Senior Year is Getting Close. How to be Ready for It.

You are now a second semester junior. Starting to feel a sense of urgency about college yet? If you haven’t started to organize and plan for everything required for your college applications, now is a good time. Waiting only adds more pressure to an already stressful process come senior year. Shrinking the “to-do list” will pay dividends as you work through senior classes, extra curriculars (band, sports, work, volunteering, etc.), college tours, test retake, scholarship essays and applications with essays.

Getting more completed before senior year is a necessity! Colleges may want to see your senior grades and if you slip too much… Here are the things you can wrap up and make life easier.

·         Don’t wait to do some test prep. Start now so your testing will be out of the way.

·         Research colleges in depth and come up with your list. College visits can take up time you may need for school work so time and planning are needed.

·         Once your taxes are complete, research to see what your list of colleges will cost. Eliminate those that are too expensive for your family. Find more that fit so you have a great list for application time.

·         Start scholarship searching and lay out deadlines. Spread them out as best as possible so you have time for other priorities.

·         Ask teachers to write a letter of recommendation before school lets out for the summer.

·         The Common Application essays has been pretty consistent the last couple of years. They are either rolled over or newly announced around August 1st. Be ready to write them August 1st. (Maybe there is an overlap with scholarship essays.)

Doing these things ahead of senior year will make your fall semester much easier and allow you to better focus on your classes!

If you need help with this preparation, please contact me.