Freshmen - Getting Prepared for Your Guidance Counselor Meeting

Spring semester is beginning! Winter Break was too short (and wet)! By now you should know how you did fall semester so you can begin to plan for next semester’s classes. Too easy and could use more of a challenge? Too hard or that one class took time away from performing well in others? Check with you counselor to see if there is anything you can do to change your class this semester. If not, see what your current teacher can do to help you out with extra work or extra help.

Counselors also start scheduling meetings with you to discuss the rest of your high school coursework. Things to review and plan for before your meeting:

Rigor – Most colleges look at how hard your classes were in addition to your GPA. If you aren’t at the top in rigor, think about bumping one class or more up a notch. Challenging yourself isn’t easy but you need to realize you are working up to college level classes in the next couple of years. Stretch yourself and learn the study skills needed to succeed in college. The big ones are note-taking, asking for help, memorizing and reading faster.

Electives – Know whether your future colleges expect 2, 3 or 4 years of the same foreign language. Take a performing arts class as many colleges are now requiring them if your high school has them.

The Big 4 Subjects – Those are English, math, science and social studies/history. Are you taking enough for your projected major in college? It’ll be hard to start your engineering degree without some calculus in high school.

College Credit – Are you planning on taking harder classes in order to get college credit through AP/IB/CLEP tests or dual enrollment? The more credits you can earn in high school, the easier or earlier you can graduate.

If you want to meet and discuss before your HS guidance counselor meeting, please contact me.