Why did I choose “Making College Worth It” as my company name?

Part of being a college advisor involves researching all facets of preparing a family for the college life of their child/children.  The only part of WORTH that is talked about these days, from students to politicians to the media, is the financial worth.  A new article appears every day talking about skyrocketing tuition, student debt, un/under employment, etc…  There is good reason for this public discussion.  All of their points are TRUE.  Costs are going up unabated. At many schools, tuition has doubled in the last 8 – 10 years. With stagnant family income, more debt is required to fill the gap between cash flow/savings and grant/scholarship aid.  Many graduates are taking part time jobs while searching for their first career job.  Many in the media question, “Is College Worth It?”.  In fact, William Bennett, former Secretary of Education, wrote a book by that title. 

After all the research, I have found it CAN be worth it.  It may take some/a lot of work though.  Hence, the new name, “Making College Worth It”.

As I stated on my Intro page, WORTH has many definitions though.  By focusing singularly on the cost, other areas of WORTH may be missed.  Funny thing is, neglecting those other definitions could impact the return on investment.  Adding focus on your human value will translate into a better person to be around.  Volunteering, growing your faith, tutoring/mentoring are great examples of developing a giving mentality.  Focusing on academic value requires more than just taking the required courses in your major.  Employers look for candidates that can communicate well, think critically and logically, manage time well and develop leadership skills.  All of these skills can be enhanced with proper core coursework selection.  But it takes focus and a plan for the future.  The social worth can be quite valuable.  Some want the big school athletics and a strong Greek life while others prefer a solid artistic environment that emphasizes individuality.  College is about learning from all of these sources of WORTH.

Having a broad focus that puts attention to all of these definitions of WORTH will increase your personal and professional WORTH and thereby make college worth it.