The Current college research System is Broken!

Don’t believe it? Let’s look at the numbers:

1.    30% of freshmen are leaving their college of choice… AFTER ONE YEAR!

2.    In a 2016 survey by Royall & Co., nearly 40% of students ACCEPTED into their TOP choice college decided not to attend because of the cost. Nearly 10% turned it down because of the campus environment, 9% due to campus location and 8% due to academic reputation. The most difficult to understand statistic was over 6% declined to enroll because the college didn't have their major!  

3.    50-70% change their majors. Most do it more than once.

4.    44 million graduates have $1.50 BILLION in student debt

5.    11% are 90+ days delinquent on their payment.

6.    The average time to earn a bachelor’s degree is 5.1 years. The government College Scorecard website only shows 6-year graduation rates for a 4-year degree. Ever wonder why?

7.    Most college tours I have attended have focused on the facilities and student services, not the education.

8.    Since 1990, when a lot of parents were in college, the cost of college has doubled – above inflation!

9.    A survey by the Workforce Solutions Group at St. Louis Community College finds that more than 60% of employers say applicants lack “communication and interpersonal skills”

obviously, These are not the traits of a successful college admissions process.

The solution: A new system is needed to prepare for college both academically and financially.

That system is available through Making College Worth It. Each of these issues is addressed within the plan. You and your student will be prepared before you reach the next step in the process. You will make educated decisions that will reduce or eliminate the pitfalls many of your fellow students can avoid.

This system will help you (the student) take charge of the process and not leave it up to others who are biased or don’t know your situation. The system begins early in high school and continues through college, preparing you for the goal of a successful career.

You will learn:

1.    What type of college fits your student best.

2.    What colleges your family can afford and how to afford them.

3.    The best places to find money to pay for college.

4.    What opportunities are available for your major.

5.    What other skills need to be acquired before graduation.


I believe an educated consumer makes the best decisions.

Each plan will give you "Upfront Hindsight" to all the issues you will face in the college search/application/payment journey.